Simple and Healthy Salad

I try and have a salad every single day if possible. This salad is pretty simple and straight forward, not difficult to make at all. Just a few ingredients and you’re done!


Spinach (2 handful)
Baby Carrots (3-5 pieces) cut in 2 or 3
Corn from can, unsalted (1/4 cup)
Chick Peas from can, no salt (1/4 cup)
Fresh Strawberries (4) sliced
1 Plum Tomato. Cut into cubes
Balsamic Vinegar 3 tbsp


Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together leaving salad dressing for last. When finish adding ingredients then add dressing. You can place dressing on the side in a small bowl and dip fork into it before dipping into salad. This helps you to limit the amount of dressing you use. Or you can use a measuring spoon/cup. Most serving size for salad dressing are around 2 tbsp/30ml

Hope you guys try and Enjoy!

Love Your Body
Live a Healthy Life!


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