5 Weeks Healthier You Challenge

We’re only just a few days in, actually this is day 3 of my 5 week healthier you challenge which started on Monday Feb 28th, and it ends April 3rd, 2011.
This challenge basically is to get you started on achieving and living a healthy lifestyle. We are starting with small steps that can have a huge impact in our lives.
All you have to do is pick no more than three goals that you’ll like to accomplish within the next 5 weeks.
It can be anything you want. Either setting the goal to increase your water intake, to start walking more, to cut back in your sodium or sugar intake, to start exercising, to eliminate processed foods in your diet, to quit smoking, it can even be to start cooking healthier food at home. Anything you want that will help you get closer to living a healthier life.

Many of us live in a very sedentary life and always want things and results quick and fast. But I always say you didn’t get overweight or unhealthy over night so your results will take time. You just have to take that first step and start. We must learn to love ourselves enough and put our health first.
Once we have that under control everything else will fall into place.
I’ll appreciate it tremendously if you join me on this journey and keep me up to date on what you have accomplished.


Love Your Body
Live a Healthy Life!


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