Fiber rich breakfast TREAT

Pumpkin Oatmeal

Rolled oats and steel cut oats need to be part of a healthy diet.  Best part, a bowl of oatmeal can satisfy so many different taste buds. My favorite has always been my Banana Nut Bread bowl, but today I wanted give the pumpkin cookie oatmeal recipe from “thehealthyapron” a try!  See recipe:

Additions from my pantry: raisins and 0% Greek Yogurt!  The recipe called for a few white chocolate chips, but on my next batch I’ll go for healthy fat from dark chocolate!  Also, I choose almond milk for most things.  This was cooked with half original unsweetened almond milk and half water.

Time-saver tip: Make 2-3 servings, refrigerate, the next morning add 2 tbsp of milk or water, pop in the microwave for 2 minutes. It’s just as good as fresh!



2 thoughts on “Fiber rich breakfast TREAT

  1. That oatmeal looks delish, I have never had oatmeal with Yogurt on it though I will have to be adventurous and try it.

    • I use Greek yogurt- it’s very creamy & has the most health benefits. Yogurt in its most natural form. Fage is great or trader joes plain or vanilla. Look for 0%, otherwise it’s high in fat.

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