Ginger Tea…My New Addiction

Lately Ive been drinking alot of ginger tea. Its been my lil night cap for the past month or so. Just plain with no milk or sugar or honey…just hot water and the ginger root if I make it from scratch or I use the ginger crystals.

As a kid my mom use to cook with alot of ginger root literally adding it to everything she made and cook, even to her home made green seasoning which she added to fish, chicken, soups, beef, goat etc..I became so sick of it, but I was a kid not really knowing its benefits. But as I got older I realize that ginger is great for almost anything.

Ginger is well known and used around the world especially in Asian countries for many centuries. Ginger root is a great source of vitamin C, B6, magnesium and potassium. During ancient times healers used ginger for an upset stomach and still to this day ginger is used and great for nausea and inflammation, dizziness, morning sickness, chronic pain, allergies, the common cold and even some say its great for bad breath etc.

Ill definitely be keeping up with my moms tradition. Hope you guys have a cup as well and enjoy.



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