My Love Of Yoga And Yogaglo

I use to be a gym rat many years ago and I still love going to the gym and hitting the machines, building up a good sweat and getting my workouts in but at the same time I love trying new workouts that challenges me and take me out of my comfort zone.
One day about 11 years ago I discovered yoga from a co-worker of mine..Megan. At the time I was working as the Athletic Trainer for an all girls high school in the city and they where taking the soccer and basketball team upstate for a week’s retreat and Megan was the soccer coach and another friend Crystal was the assistant basketball coach. We where excited about the trip and made plans to wakeup early every morning and workout together…going running, hiking and swimming etc.
At that time I believed I tried yoga maybe once or twice and I liked it. One evening us girls decided to do yoga instead of going for a jog. Megan had bought some yoga VHS at the time by Bryan Kest (Power Yoga). Instantly we feel in love. I feel in love! I was soo hooked that I asked Megan if I can borrow the tapes to make copies of them. To this day I still have those VHS tapes LOL
As time passed I would do yoga here and there, but recently about nine months ago I feel back inlove when I was web surfing for a yoga site and I discovered It’s one of the best sites I’ve EVER found for yoga practice. You feel like you’re actually a part of the class and its not expensive at all. They have about eight different styles of yoga, different levels as well from beginners to advance and some of the best teachers in the business. Since discovering yogaglo I realized that I enjoy and prefer the flow and practice of Vinyasa yoga as well as Anusara. Some of my favorite teachers are Kathryn Budig, Jo Tastula (both vinyasa flow teachers), Elena Brower (Anusara teacher) and Jason Crandell.

Most of my male friends at first when I tell them they should incorporate yoga into their workout regime, some of them look at me like I’m crazy and think it’s silly and not a mans workout. But for those that tried it, always come back saying OMG it’s difficult and they’ve never been so sore. And it’s true I’ve definitely had some days where I’m like what the heck..did I just get my ass kicked!?

At the moment I practice yoga about three times a week. It has completely change my prospective about who I am and what I can do and achieve. I’m soo much more positive, focus, driven and calm. Yoga has teached me how to calm myself down and relax during stressful situations. It’s soo much more than just stretching your body. It’s truly a mind, body and spiritual connection within yourself! I’ve also experience great strength…and not just physical strength but mental and spiritual strength. Im still improving on my meditation..that has helped me be closer with my connection to God.

Its positive all experience with practicing yoga. Now I’m looking into getting certified as an instructor and that will happen in due time. I tell everyone about yoga and yogaglo…spreading and sharing the love.
So for those that want to give yoga a try and never really tried it, you won’t regret it!

Love Your Body
Live a Healthy Life


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