Basic Strength Training Workout

This workout targets your major muscle groups. You work your legs, chest, shoulders, core and your heart rate. This workout can be done when you’re limited on time and still want to fit a workout in or you can do workout 3-4 times a week. If you’re a beginner, working out less than six months, perform 2 sets, 10 reps of each exercise. Jump rope for 1 minute. If you’re intermediate/advance do 4-5 sets, 15 reps. Jump rope for 2 minutes. This workout takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.

Equipment used: 10-15 lbs dumbbell (DB), medium to heavy resistance/exercise band, and jump rope.

Squat, Shoulder Press
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes and knees facing forward, abs in tight, DB in hands with elbows bent, weight slightly resting on shoulders, palms facing in.
2. Slowly begin to lower down into squat position, bending knees, flexing hip, sticking your butt back and down as if sitting unto a chair. HOLD for a beat.
3. Weight in your heels, keeping chest up and abs remaining tight and drawn into navel. Keeping shoulders relax with no tension in neck area. DONT lean upper body onto thighs.
4. To stand back up, press heels into the floor contracting your butt muscles, at the same time driving your hands up doing a shoulder press, palms still facing in, fulling extending arms, not locking out elbows. HOLD for a beat.
Remember no tension in the neck area, abs remaining drawn into navel.
5. Return hands to starting position, squatting back down.
*10-15 reps




Exercise/Resistance Band Chest Press
1. With resistance/exercise band stable in door. Or around a pole or stable surface.
2. Stand with your feet straddle, one foot in front, one foot back. Knees soft with feet and knees facing forward. Abs in tight, band in hand, palms facing down. Elbows up bend 90 degrees. No tension in the neck area.
3. Press both hands out, palms still facing down, extending elbows and contracting chest muscles. HOLD for a beat.
4. Slowly return to starting position, flexing elbows again..keeping shoulders relax and down, no tension in the neck area.
*10-15 reps




Jump Rope
This is to be done anywhere between 1-2 minutes depending on if you’re a beginner or advance.

REST for one minute…go back to the start beginning with squat, press. REPEAT again anywhere between 2-5 sets, 10-15 reps.


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