The Challenge Continues…

We are more than halfway through my 5 weeks healthier you challenge. This is actually week three, and its been going good so far. I’ve had my moments where I felt like pulling my hair out at least when it came to the eating, cause I miss my cheat day lol…
What I put forth for myself as my challenge to accomplish within these 5 weeks is to only drink water/seltzer/sparkling water (easy part), workout 5 times a week and no cheating. Normally I cheat once or every other week…mainly ice cream and for some reason I was just tasting the oatmeal cookie chunk ice cream from Ben&Jerry’s for the past week. I stayed strong, put my foot down and the cravings went away. I loaded up with fruits and Greek yogurt and made smoothies. That helped alot!
I hope it’s going great for you guys as well and that you’re staying strong and focus and positive. No matter what you want to accomplish with in this challenge remember consistency is key and you have to be patient.
This challenge is a jump start towards living a healthy lifestyle. It’s almost over and at the end of your challenge I know your body will thank you in the long run.
Stay strong and keep loving your body and living that healthy life.



One thought on “The Challenge Continues…

  1. I am doing very good I have not eaten bread but one time, I got the Ezekiel 4:6 bread it has NO flour in it, it is completely healthy I have started working out more I am about to do my ball workout in a few mins, woohoo…. healthy living here I am! Thanks for the encouragement Elesha.

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