Dark Chocolate Is Healthy!?..YES!! (In Moderation)

I’ve always loved chocolate, but I must admit I use to eat milk chocolate all the time growing up, Godiva, Dove and Hershey’s to name a few, those where my favorite brands, they still are but i stick with dark chocolate. Milk chocolate contains more calories, fat and sugar compare to dark chocolate. Now, even if I wanted to I can’t eat milk chocolate bars cause I find it way too sweet and it makes me sick at times. The best part is that dark chocolate is actually good for you and it taste pretty good! Thank god for those flavonoids, which are like antioxidants.

Dark chocolate has a bittersweet taste to it and the stronger percentage of coco the stronger the taste will be.
There are many health benefits of dark chocolate, and because of the antioxidants they contain it helps with lowering high blood pressure, helps with heart disease and it can also reduce LDL (bad cholesterol).

But that doesn’t mean every day you’ll be eating a whole bar of dark chocolate saying I’m lowering my BP and cholesterol and helping my heart! The funny thing is that there are some people that will actually do that. There are many other factors that help you do those things such as living a healthy and fit lifestyle e.g clean healthy eating/nutrition habits, regular workouts etc…and if you want to have a little piece of chocolate here and there stick with dark chocolate (65-70%) coco. If you can handle stronger go for it! Remember moderation is key…




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