My 1st Yoga Workshop

I’ve been practicing yoga now consistantly for about eight plus months after a long break. I’ve always wanted to try a yoga workshop for the longest time and yesterday April 16th was the first time I went to a yoga workshop.  It was really interesting! At first, I was excited to go, then as it became closer to the date I started to get nervous. When I got there I felt a little intermidated. I was going back and forth with my feelings. I felt pretty secure with my practice even though I know theres alot still to learn and accompolish.

Right now, I practice yoga at home via DVD’s and on an average of three times a week. I think ive been to a studio or a class at the gym maybe less than five times. When I found out that Ashley Albrand ( was going to be at Strala Yoga ( I had to attened. I found Ashley through facebook. Her pictures of her poses is what caught my attention and then when I checked out her blog/website and read her info/story I realized that she’s a badass.  Ashley Albrand has taught Vinyasa Flow, meditation, and dance in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world. She is a professional Hip Hop dancer and has been studying movement since the age of 5. Ashley was drawn to the study and teaching of yoga for its powerful ability to heal the body and expand individual consciousness. Her classes focus on mood altering and enhancing asana, pranayama, releasing negative thought patterns and the pranic exchange. This was her last FLOAT workshop for the year and since she was doing it in NYC I had to go.

Ashley Albrand

The workshop was scheduled to start at 1:30pm and I decided to get there early. I arrived around 1:10pm and there was already ten people or so there. Most of them where warming up and thats where my intimidiation set in cause they where warming up doing handstands, wheel, headstands, camel etc. As far as my practice go with inversions/handstands they are still in the baby stages. Its very hard for me to kick up and get into the pose. Just being upside down freaks me out but im still working on it day by day, week by week and I’m getting better at it.

As time drew near, the class started to fill up. Ashley arrived and started to introduce herself to everybody one by one walking around shaking hand and giving out yoga blocks. Something she said she has never really done before. The class started on time and we began with a heart opening pose using the yoga blocks. After, we did a short mediation and the breath of fire, before you  knew it we were well on our way into the workshop. She went slow with the poses, explaining every move and what it does and what it means and the effects of it. I liked the way the workshop was playing out. Nice and slow, feeling every pose and understanding it. Beginners would definitely benefit from it. Advance yogi’s benefitted from the workshop as well because she allowed them to add twists and binds when they wanted to. The workshop ended with us in savasana and Ashley’s husband Drew Broadrick singing and playing the guitar. He’s pretty talanted! I enjoyed his music. Then while in seated position, eyes closed Ashley began singing at the end. At first I thought it was a DVD playing, her voice is incredible.

Over all I loved it and enjoyed every second. The time went by soo fast, I couldnt believe two and half hours flew by. Everyone felt the same way when we where done. Ashley gave me some good tips and advice as to how to practice my handstands, plus also telling me that I need to start going to a yoga studio to perfect and practice my yoga, besides always doing it alone at home. She even recommended a studio I should check out. I’m soo glad that I decided to go and I can’t wait for the next workshop which will be next month with Kathry Budig (

Ashley Albrand

Ashley Albrand


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