Workshop #2 with Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig

Flight Of The Yogi! That’s the name of the workshop I did May 14th at Strala Yoga with yogi Kathryn Budig. What a yogi she is! For someone that’s sooo tiny (tiny little package) she is strong, strong, fierce, fit and graceful…did I mention that she is strong already?? LOL. She is incredibly sweet and gracious, but you can tell she’ll cut you if you piss her off. When I saw that Kathryn posted she was coming to NYC to do a yoga workshop I didn’t care if I had to beg, borrow, steal or prostitute my ass…well maybe not that far, but I knew without a doubt I had to attend this workshop!

Kathryn is one of the youngest and most recognized faces in yoga. She travels all over the US and the world teaching yoga. She is a writer for Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, a Yoga Journal blogger, co-founder of ‘Poses for Paws’, a foodie like me and lovers her dog Ashi Budig. I discovered Kathryn from googling online looking for a yoga site to practice yoga. Out pops I scroll thru all the teachers to see who catches my fancy and then BAM!! I saw Kathryn. Her presence on the site was captivating. She seems soo relax and funny and incredibly strong and fit! So I said to myself okay, I’ll give her class a try to see what’s up. I loved it!! The way she teaches, I actually felt that I was in the class with everyone else doing yoga! She approaches everything with such ease and relaxation and positivity and explains everything so well. I like that, cause it helps me with learning how to do the poses and better my practice.

The workshop we did today was all about arm balances combo with inversions. A weakness of mine, but I’m still learning, and as times goes by I get better and better and more comfortable and secure with my practice and the poses, especially the inversions. As Kathryn says you have to be ready to fall on your face over and over and over again, doing it with a smile and when that happens, just pick yourself back up and do it again, and again, and again. Before you know it…swoosh!! You’ve got it!

She, Kathryn is everything you get from her personality via internet, etc in person. I spoke to her before the workshop began and immediately I felt her warmth and notice she had a great ora about her. Kathryn adds a playful spin to her yoga classes. She’s very animated when explaining a technique on how to do a pose. Yet, at the same time she keeps you focus. Her workouts are challenging, and she pushes you to a point where you think you wouldn’t be able to go. But, once you get there you’re like ahhhh…wow, I did that! Feeling all proud like a colorful peacock spreading its wings dancing around. That was me at the workshop, feeling AMAZING and so proud of myself after she helped me with my tripod head stand. A pose I never thought I would be able to do, at least not so soon. But I did it! I actually did it! A lot sooner than I thought was possible.

I’m so happy that I attended this workshop. It was everything I expected and more. We covered a lot of arm balance poses plus inversions…from handstands, to crow pose, to tripod headstands, to grasshopper, to fallen angel, going from tripod headstand to crow pose and back up to tripod headstand, to side crow (that was a killer for me), to flying crow pose ( still working on that one), Kathryn even showed us a little scorpion pose. We covered a lot and it was great!

I’ll keep practicing regularly and remember not to get down on my self ever when I fall or don’t get a pose the first time, the twentieth time or even the two hundredth time. Ill keep at it and always with a smile on my face approaching it with great intension. 🙂



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