My First Live Interview….On The UnderGround Dugout!

My good friend Lois James aka Lo-J is a co-host of the new LIVE video stream radio show called The UnderGround Dugout! She asked me if I would come on and be their first guest to talk about heath, fitness, my business etc.. Of course I said YES without hesitation. I felt truly honored that she wanted me to come on, much less be their first guest. I’ve never been interviewed before, never been on a radio show before, much less a LIVE stream webcast radio show. I must admit I was a little nervous when the day finally came, but my cousin told me to take a deep breath and just relax, which I did.

The Underground Dugout is focused on real talk and music from indie/underground hip hop and R&B. Its created and hosted by Jeff Strange (The Funny) with Lois James (The Bad) and Edaye (The Good). The show also features news and commentary on current events and entertainment. You can check them out every Saturday from 3pm-5pm via or and you can also call in and ask questions at 718-369-0411

This episode was dedicated to Michael Jackson and his 2 year anniversary of his death. Alot of his favorite songs where played. After I relax I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. I felt at ease and at home. Everyone made me feel welcomed and the interview went GREAT! I enjoyed being on the show tremendously, had a little fun teasing Jeff from the jump and it just happened to be extra spicy this particular day. I wont give away anything. Check out video below and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “My First Live Interview….On The UnderGround Dugout!

  1. Girl I now watch de show and that caller crazy LOL…. the show was good, all the host were awesome.

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