About Elesha

Love Your Body Live a Healthy Life! That’s been my motto my whole life. I’ve always been into working out and being healthy as far back as I can remember. Playing sports, being active, running around and even climbing trees. Yes I climbed trees (smily face). Around ages 5 or 6 I did african dancing and I remember jumping around with my leotard and leg warmers on doing Jane Fonda… yep I started very young. I ran track in high school and played a little volleyball. My passion has always been to help people get healthy and fit and live it as a lifestyle. I’m that friend or family member that you can come to asking what to eat? How to cook this? What exercise you can do? Should I try this?

I want to make a promise to you… I promise that I will do everything in my power to help you achieve a healthy and fitter lifestyle! I know that work, family,personal relationships basically life tends to take it’s tool on your day to day regime, and working out is the last thing on your mind. Taking that time from an already busy life to cook something healthy or even workout is not #1. But I can show you and prove to you that’s its not that tough!

Putting your health first and taking the time to workout doesn’t make you selfish or a bad parent, friend, spouse etc, If anything it makes you a better one! Loving your body, and appreciating your health and living a healthy life SHOULD be a priority! I will guide you and be with you every step of the way coaching you and supporting you daily. As a health and fitness professional and the CEO of two business, my knowledge and understanding in fitness nutrition, exercise therapy, pre natal care and personal training, helps me to provide you with the best solution possible. I will help you choose what workout best suit your needs and your lifestyle and show you that it is possible to have a career, a family, a life and also be healthy and fit! YOU can have it all!! I WON’T give up on you, if you DON’T give up on yourself!


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Before beginning any exercise program and routine please consult your Dr and make sure that you’re in good health. Any user of this program or any of my programs assumes full risk of injury resulting from performing the routine presented in videos, workouts etc.




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