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January 1st 30 Day Challenge

Time to put all your excuses at bay and get off your butt and start taking stock of your health NOW! If you are tired of always being tired, stressed out, sick of having knee pains, back pains, sick of being sick, over weight and out of shape, message me! Do you want to eliminate diabetes, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and eliminate your risk of heart disease and cancer then you should join my 30 Day Beachbody Challenge beginning January 1st!
This is an exclusive challenge for the few people that can handle it and stay committed. You DONT want to miss out!
So if you’re 100% committed, focus and ready to make a change then I’m your girl and you need to message me ASAP!! You wont regret it! Tell your friends, family members and loved ones cause this is going to be BIG! Lets all get together end the trend of unhealthiness, laziness and excuses!

Go to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/eatrainer2

* click on The Beachbody Challenge link on the right hand side

* fill out all the info that’s required

* pick “The 10 Minute Trainer” pack and choose what flavor shakeology you want..either chocolate or greenberry or the combo of both

It takes about 3 days for package and shakeology to come in the mail, so order with enough time for package to arrive on time for Day One of challenge

Love Your Body
Live a Healthy Life!

Five Tips To Get You Out Of Your Diet/Exercise Plateau And Reach Your Goal Weight!

Have you gotten to the point where you just cant loose any more weight? You’ve been working out for months now and you’ve lost more than 50 percent of your weight and those last 10-15 pounds are just not going anywhere and its driving you crazy. The number on the scale refuses to move…down! Don’t feel discouraged, its happens to all of us.

Just a few adjustments here and there shall help you escape that dreaded plateau that we all face when trying to achieve weight loss and live a healthier lifestyle. Follow these few tips below and you’ll be well on your way to your final goal weight.


Most of the time your body have gotten use to do the same exercises, on the same day and usually at the same time. Try and mix things up every week or so. Don’t let yourself do the same exercises and routines for more than two weeks. Keep a journal of your workout routine…sets, reps, and amount of weight that you use and exercises you do should be written down. Go running/jogging, do yoga, pilates, lift weights (weight training is important for building muscle tone, therefore burning alot of calories), go hiking etc…variety is key, it shocks the body never letting yourself or your body get use to doing the same workout for too long.


Really pay attention to what you eat. Stay away from fried foods, soda’s, processed food e.g cured meats, fast foods, diet foods like lean cuisine etc…they are loaded with sodium. Also pay attention to your sugar intake, eliminate all white flour, white bread, white pasta etc..Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and high fiber, whole grains, oatmeal etc.


Alcohol adds extra calories that’s not needed in your diet. It effectively slows your metabolism and reduces your motivation to work out and diet. Its a total sabotage to your goal.


If you are not drinking enough water during the day, your body may be retaining water, adding to the numbers on the scale. When working out on a regular basis you want to consume about half your body weight in ounces of water every day especially if you work out a lot (more if you’re outside in the heat). A 145-pound woman should drink about 73 ounces of water.


Not only should you add variety, write it all down, increase your water intake, eliminate alcohol and watch what you eat…the last thing is how often are you working out? Maybe you’re not working out long enough or often enough. You want to workout, sweat and burn calories at least 30 minutes 4-5 days a week. No less than 4 days a week. If you can do something everyday that will be great just don’t do less than 4 days a week.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and you’re well on your way to finally achieving your goal weight.

Treadmill Tips, Workouts, and Tricks For All Fitness Levels

By Fitsugar…

If you’re stuck indoors, treadmills are an excellent way to get in some cardio time — minus wet weather or pollen counts. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced treadmill user, here is everything you need to know to get the most out of this favorite cardio machine.

Spring Is Here….Take It OutSide!

Spring is in the air finally and the sun is trying its best to peak its head out especially here in NY. What normally happens when Spring time is here? We’ll first the heavy jackets comes off, gloves, scarfs, the warm HOT winter boots….ahhhhh a feeling of escaping and enjoying the warmth outside even if it’s for a few months. It also means time to change-up your workouts and take it outside. Time to get out of the gym, add spice and variations into your workouts.

Walking: Just take it outside. Those days you feel like not doing an intense cardio session, go for a walk. Enjoy the weather, enjoy your surroundings, take in the neighborhood, even take it to the park if there is one near by. You can burn anywhere from 250-400 calories per hour, give or take a few depending on your height or weight and fitness level.

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do during the spring and summer months. Hiking is a great activity and a great workout for your quads, your hamstrings and especially your butt, my favorite body part to workout besides my abs. You can definitely get your heart rate up, build a sweat and burn lots of calories with hiking. On average you can burn anywhere between 300-500 calories per hour, give or take a few depending on your height, weight, fitness level and intensity of the hiking. An average 140 lbs person can burn around 388 calories per hour from hiking.

Jump Rope: Jump rope! Its cheap, easy and simple to do and you burn loads of calories. Its something most, if not all of us have done at least once or twice, or alot growing up as kids playing with our friends or family members. Who knew back then that it was a great workout!? All we knew it was fun to do, especially when able to do tricks and show off for our friends. On average a 15 minutes jump rope session you can burn around 200 calories. That’s GREAT!

Boot Camp: I love me a boot camp workout. I actually teach a boot camp workout at the park during the spring and summer seasons and I enjoy doing it very much. Boot camp workouts is like taking your total body workouts from the gym to outside, except it can be a little more intense cause with the park and outside you have stairs you can run, and there’s more room and distance for you to do shuttle runs and drills, larger space for walking lunges etc…You can burn an average of 500 plus calories per hour during an intense boot camp workout.

Time flys by real fast, so take it outside while you can and enjoy the weather.