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Side Plank Oblique Workout!

When performing this exercise, first make sure that your shoulders are in line with your elbow, relaxing your neck muscles.
Really work on picking your hips up, squeezing/contracting your oblique muscles. This really actives your whole core into play.

When doing the knee ins make sure and try your best to bring that knee in as tight as possible into your stomach. Make sure and breathe..the breath helps!

When performing the rows, don’t round your upper back. Keep your shoulders back and down, rowing your elbows in tight towards your waist, contracting your back muscles.

** Injury Disclaimer
Before beginning this or any exercise program and or routine please consult with your Dr making sure that you’re in good health and clear to workout. Any user of this or any of my programs assumes full risk of injury from performing the routine presented in videos.

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January 1st 30 Day Challenge

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Love Your Body
Live a Healthy Life!

Five Tips To Get You Out Of Your Diet/Exercise Plateau And Reach Your Goal Weight!

Have you gotten to the point where you just cant loose any more weight? You’ve been working out for months now and you’ve lost more than 50 percent of your weight and those last 10-15 pounds are just not going anywhere and its driving you crazy. The number on the scale refuses to move…down! Don’t feel discouraged, its happens to all of us.

Just a few adjustments here and there shall help you escape that dreaded plateau that we all face when trying to achieve weight loss and live a healthier lifestyle. Follow these few tips below and you’ll be well on your way to your final goal weight.


Most of the time your body have gotten use to do the same exercises, on the same day and usually at the same time. Try and mix things up every week or so. Don’t let yourself do the same exercises and routines for more than two weeks. Keep a journal of your workout routine…sets, reps, and amount of weight that you use and exercises you do should be written down. Go running/jogging, do yoga, pilates, lift weights (weight training is important for building muscle tone, therefore burning alot of calories), go hiking etc…variety is key, it shocks the body never letting yourself or your body get use to doing the same workout for too long.


Really pay attention to what you eat. Stay away from fried foods, soda’s, processed food e.g cured meats, fast foods, diet foods like lean cuisine etc…they are loaded with sodium. Also pay attention to your sugar intake, eliminate all white flour, white bread, white pasta etc..Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and high fiber, whole grains, oatmeal etc.


Alcohol adds extra calories that’s not needed in your diet. It effectively slows your metabolism and reduces your motivation to work out and diet. Its a total sabotage to your goal.


If you are not drinking enough water during the day, your body may be retaining water, adding to the numbers on the scale. When working out on a regular basis you want to consume about half your body weight in ounces of water every day especially if you work out a lot (more if you’re outside in the heat). A 145-pound woman should drink about 73 ounces of water.


Not only should you add variety, write it all down, increase your water intake, eliminate alcohol and watch what you eat…the last thing is how often are you working out? Maybe you’re not working out long enough or often enough. You want to workout, sweat and burn calories at least 30 minutes 4-5 days a week. No less than 4 days a week. If you can do something everyday that will be great just don’t do less than 4 days a week.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and you’re well on your way to finally achieving your goal weight.

Five (5) Things You Can Start Doing Towards Living a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle…

You’ve thought about it over and over again and not sure where to start or what to do towards being healthier. People tell you stop eating this, don’t drink that, and at times it can be over whelming and before you even truly begin you’ve already given up. Well I’m here to tell you, just begin the process slow and easy, don’t put too much stress on yourself and with just five (5) easy steps you can be well on your way towards living that healthier lifestyle. Remember that this is not a DIET! Because diets don’t work, not in the long run. This is a lifestyle change and that’s the only way to go about it.

Among the many tips I tell my clients, friends and family these seem to be very doable and easy to begin with. Before stating make sure that you are 100% ready to make the change towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle, because this is not something you do for a few weeks or months and expect to go back to your same old habits. Once the mind is set and committed these tips will be a piece of cake.


Most people that I have encounter say to me that they really don’t eat that bad. Then they follow that comment with once in a while ill enjoy a slice of pizza, fast food, Chinese Food, soda etc..Or they’ll say, all I eat is salad and the salad contains all bad things and loaded with dressing (which can be the killer). One thing with keeping a food journal is that its keeps you accountable for what you eat or drink. Most of the time when people keep a food journal they are very shock as to how they eat and some don’t even like writing down what they eat cause at times its a reality check for them. Keeping a food journal helps you track why and when you eat and it also helps you with tracking your food patterns and calories. Be as detailed as possible when keeping a food journal as to what you eat or drink, the times you eat or drink and your emotions before, during and after you eat or drink.


A lot of people don’t drink enough or don’t drink water at all. Some say is has no taste or why can’t I just drink juice. Drinking water is extremely important. Water makes up about two thirds (2/3) of the weight of the human body and we can survive days or even weeks on just water alone. Water helps keeps your muscle and skin tone and helps with weight loss and transports nutrients to your cells. Water also helps with regulating body temperature, and eliminating waste from your body. Its also important in lubricating your joints to help with movement. Many health professionals recommended drinking at least 8-12 8oz glasses of water daily. So drink up! You can add lemon slices, and fresh fruit like strawberries etc to you water for flavor.


Whole wheat, whole grains high fiber foods are very important for your body’s daily energy. It is needed to perform daily activities, it provides you with sustained energy when exercising, prevents muscle loss, reduce cholesterol, helps in the digestion process and also helps with weight loss. I always say that whole grains high fiber food for the body is like gas is for a car. You need it to function proper daily and get you through the day. Whole grains are natural sources of vitamins of A, E, and B6 plus zinc, iron etc…Plus it keeps you fuller for longer periods of time and have more flavor than white prod. Make sure that when purchasing whole wheat, whole grains high fiber foods that is says “WHOLE” in front of the name.


Fruits and Vegetables are very important for the body. They are loaded with vitamins A, C and E and minerals like potassium, folic acid and are high in fiber. They have many nutritional value and helps with lowering cholesterol, reducing your risk of strokes, Type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, bone loss and even certain type of cancers, even with reducing your risk of cardio vascular diseases etc…Have at least a piece of fruit and or vegetables with each meal daily. If that’s not enough reason for you to eat your fruits and veg daily then I don’t know what will.


We have to get up and start moving our bodies. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure and move your body and sweat for a minimum of 30 minutes a day everyday if possible. There is 24 hours in a day so 30  mins daily is very doable. Do whatever you love that make you build up some heat and sweat. You can do yoga, pilates, weights, power walking, running, hiking, bike riding, even if you just put some music on and start dancing and jumping around…the point is to get up and just MOVE! There are many benefits to exercising. It helps with not only weight loos, weight control, strong bones and muscles strength and lowering HBP (high blood pressure). Its also beneficial for lowering your risk of cardio vascular diseases, certain cancers, mental health and mood and it also helps you deal with stress and your chances of living a long life increases. A win, win all around. So get up and get moving!

Love Your Body

Live a Healthy Life…

Treadmill Tips, Workouts, and Tricks For All Fitness Levels

By Fitsugar…

If you’re stuck indoors, treadmills are an excellent way to get in some cardio time — minus wet weather or pollen counts. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced treadmill user, here is everything you need to know to get the most out of this favorite cardio machine.